Illustration of a KN95/FFP2 mask.

Masks for all. lists active Mask Blocs around the world. Blocs provide masks, COVID-19 tests and other equipment to their communities for free.

Mask Blocs and other community providers

USA – West

    • Getting started

    Dedicated to providing free high quality PPE to Alaskans

  • If you need resources, please send us an Instagram DM or fill out our mask/test request form!

    • Getting started

    🚧 Under Construction

    🧚‍♂️ Run by @nonbinaryfae

    😷 Masks, tests and other COVID safety items for Flagstaff, Arizona

  • POC LGBTQ+ led effort aiming to create COVID safe/safer community spaces in Los Angeles and uplift advocacy efforts during this ongoing pandemic.

    Send an Instagram DM to request masks. Resources available in AllMyLinks.

  • Mutual aid project to distribute free masks in the so-called Los Angeles area.

    Free mask request form in Linktree. 😷

    • Clean Air Club
    • Getting started

    Very early stage recruiting volunteers to hopefully provide LA artists/musicians/events with access to air purifiers so shows are safer.


  • Mutual aid project connecting Long Beach, California area with FREE masks to keep each other safe! 🌊😷🌴

    Mask request form in Linktree!

  • Normalize mask wearing. Fight eugenics. Seek accountability. We must care for each other in the face of COVID-19. Distributing N95 masks in Orange County. 🇵🇸

  • At MaskBlog916, you can find information about upcoming COVID safe events, both in person locally in the greater Sacramento area, and online.

    📍 Location: Patwin Land

  • Mutual aid project • UC Davis students, faculty and staff deserve high-filtration masks free of charge.

    📍 Location: Patwin Land

    • Care Collective

    Autonomous Bay Area mutual aid group. Nurturing solidarity & taking care of each other through DIY air purifier + mask builds & distributions.

  • Bringing N95 & three-ply masks to the underserved in Sonoma County, California since 2017.

  • Getting comfortable, high-quality masks easily available to our communities in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area, California).

  • Providing free masks for the Sunset District community and beyond. Need masks? Fill out our form link!

  • We provide free, high quality face masks to anyone who needs one.

  • (San Diego+) Here to make cleaner air, safer recreation, safer organizing and a stronger community happen for us.

  • Grassroots mutual aid project to make the air cleaner and safer for all in the Inland Empire, located in Southern California.

  • Helping get free KN95/N95 masks distributed throughout the 559 area code! Request form coming soon. 📍 Yokut/Mono territories, Tulare and Fresno county

    • Clean Air Club

    🌴Clean air library - protecting organizers, artists & audiences

    🌴v3nm0 for maskbloc: fanfavoritesd

    🌴 Nosotros estamos trabajando en recursos españoles

  • Mutual aid mask distribution and advocacy group on occupied Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute territory. Queer and trans led.

    • Getting started

    Coming soon! If you’d like to get involved, let us know! 😷

    Partnered with @covidsafelv

  • Distributing *FREE* N95/KN95 face masks in so-called Albuquerque & surrounding areas.

    Fill out the form on our linktree to request masks or DM us!

  • Northern New Mexico’s FREE mask distribution group 🔥😎😷🔥 DM us to get involved or get N95s

  • providing free masks, tests and education to the greater Las Cruces, New Mexico area.

  • We keep us safe(r). Free masks & COVID resources. Queer, trans, anti-racist, abolitionist mutual aid on unceded Tohono O’odham & Pascua Yaqui lands.

  • Portland metro personal protective equipment distribution & COVID mutual aid.

    📥~48hr response time to email (no DMs on Instagram/Threads please).

    🚚 Delivery within 7 days.

    😷 All volunteer team.

    Check Instagram posts for more information.

  • Volunteer-run mutual aid organization providing free high filtration masks and COVID info in Eugene/Springfield. #WeKeepUsSafe 😷✊✨

    • Clean Air Club
    • Getting started
    • Getting started

    Central Coast Mutual Aid+Masks😷🌊

    • Getting started

    FREE masks & COVID care in so called seattle area. 😷

    ❤️‍🔥 We keep us safe ❤️‍🔥

    More mutual aid details/resources coming soon.

    All volunteer run.

  • Rapid tests as harm reduction. Do you need rapid COVID tests in Seattle? DM the account.

    • Getting started

    free mask distribution in olympia. based in st'čás “steh-chass” from lushootseed, puget sound salish land. request forms below, we keep us safe Ⓐ❤️‍🔥

    • Getting started

    Distributing free high-filtration masks (respirators) to individuals and organizing groups in the Tacoma area. Request masks at the link below.

    • Clean Air Club

    Fostering safer + more accessible music & art events in so-called Olympia, Washinton through a community air purifier share!

USA – Northeast

  • Supplying free high-quality masks to under-served areas of Northeast US. Mail/Drop off/Pick Up.

    Nest locations:

    – Central Maine

    – Midcoast Maine

    – North Central Massachusetts

    – New Hampshire

    – Providence, Rhode Island

    – Upper Valley, Vermont

    – Burlington, Vermont

  • Free N95 respirators for people that need them. Send a message on here to request if you're around the Hartford area.

  • Youth-run mutual aid collective providing masks and keeping each other safe! Active in so called New Haven, Connecticut & Hudson Valley, New York.

  • COVID Response Project @ Northeastern University Mutual Aid

    Organizing for layers of protection at Northeastern. Providing personal protective equipment and education through @numutualaid. @covidsafecampus Ambassadors.

    Views our own!

  • Distributing KN95 & N95 masks and COVID tests to the Boston area. Disrupting eugenics with community care. DM closed on Instagram. Request resources through our Linktree!

  • Providing FREE masks/respirators, public health/clean air education, and other tools to Berkshire County, Massachusetts and surrounding regions.

  • Mask Bloc for direct actions in the Western Massachusetts

  • Jersey folks joining together in mutual aid and solidarity to distribute masks, share resources, and advocate for public health and community care.

    • COVID Safe Campus

    Former ambassadors with Covid Safe Campus.

    All views are our own & do not represent CSC or Rutgers.

    Request masks in Linktree.

  • Mutual aid org distributing high quality masks and COVID-19 tests in the Jersey City, New Jersey area. Volunteer info in our linktree. Run by @JerseyCityGardens.

    • Getting started

    Newly forming Mask Bloc in unceded Lenapehoking (so called central New Jersey). Free mask distribution & COVID information. More info coming soon.

  • Disabled-led collective of New Yorkers organizing to fight COVID through mutual aid, political education, and direct action (formerly COVID Solidarity NYC).

  • COVID safety mutual aid group providing free, high-quality masks to the people of Rochester, New York.

    • Getting started

    Long Island, New York.

    Future Mask Bloc.

    • Getting started

    Nassau County and Queens based mutual aid to distribute masks, rapid COVID tests, and resources to improve the health and safety of our community.

    📍 Location: Long Island, New York

  • 😷 Free masks/respirators

    📍 Capital Region, NY

    Reach out for free masks or support making your events COVID safer!

    • Clean Air Club

    😷 Free masks/respirators

    📍 Capital Region, NY

    Reach out for free masks or support making your events COVID safer!

  • Mask Bloc 301 is a mutual aid collective of disability justice organizers brought together in a shared struggle against COVID eugenics and state abandonment. We aim to provide our community with free resources and education to enable them to better protect themselves and those they love from COVID-19.

    We serve residents in the 301 area code of so-called “Maryland,” including so-called “Montgomery,” “Prince George’s,” “Frederick,” and parts of “Howard” counties.

  • Philly Mask Bloc is a new, ongoing project to provide high quality masks to the citizens of Philadelphia (Lenapehoking) who need it the most.

  • Disabled-led mask distro and info project in Pittsburgh. Request masks/tests using the form.

  • We are an autonomous group of Central Pennsylvania residents distributing free N95 masks and Covid mitigation info to folks in the so called Central Pennsylvania area.

    • COVID Safe Campus

    BiCo (Haverford/Bryn Mawr College) students organizing to mitigate the spread of COVID.

    Supported by a @covidsafecampus ambassador! views are our own

    • Clean Air Club
    • Getting started

    A free covid mitigation tools library in its early stages

    • Clean Air Club

    Making spaces safer by lending air purifiers and free resources

    Proveyendo purificadores de aire y recursos para proteger a nuestra comunidad.

    • Getting started

    Mutual aid group of disabled people & comrades living in so-called Rhode Island organizing to provide free high-quality high-filtration masks and rapid tests, as well as education about the ongoing and ever-evolving COVID pandemic, and how we can keep each other as safe as possible.

  • Disabled run, state-wide mutual aid for free masks & tests, public health resources, & education & advocating for our communities.

USA – South

  • Mutual aid org focused on providing high quality masks/respirators to Arkansas 🌸

    email requests below

  • Disabled-led mask bloc and mutual aid effort to help facilitate access to respirators, tests, indoor air quality, and information across the Ozarks

  • Mask and rapid test distribution for the DC area. DM or email to request pickup or drop off.

    • Clean Air Club

    Free lending library of HEPA purifiers for COVID safer events in Washington DC and some areas of Maryland.

  • Still Wearing a Mask Proudly 😷

    Located in so-called Central Florida. 🐊

    Need free masks? Fill out our request form in the Linktree! ⬇️

  • Providing FREE high quality, high filtration masks and education in Highlands County, Florida and surrounding areas

  • mutual aid group providing high filtration masks to so called miami-dade county on seminole and tequesta land

    • Clean Air Club
    • Getting started

    Free air purifier lending library ensuring cleaner, accessible air for community gatherings & creative spaces in Miami. Air care is community care 🌬️💖

    • Getting started

    Distributing free masks in Palm Beach County, FL

    Coming soon!

  • Mutual aid group providing free masks in Valdosta and South Georgia

    • Getting started

    *early stages of organizing*

    providing free kf94, kn95, & n95 masks, resources, and info to help keep our communities safer.

  • Mask Bloc LEX is a mutual aid group working to provide free masks, information, and political education in so-called Lexington, Kentucky.

  • We are a mutual aid group providing:

    ✨️free✨️ masks (N95/KN95)

    ✨️free✨️ rapid tests

    & info related to COVID-19.

  • We give out free masks! N95, KN95, KF94, FFP2. Info, community & more!

    DM to request pickup or delivery in New Orleans/Bulbancha. We keep us safe.

  • ✨Mask distribution and COVID education in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina✨

  • Grassroots mutual aid effort dedicated to providing the community with high-quality respirators! DM on Instagram for free KN95s and N95s! 😷😷😷😷 fill out the form below!

  • We recognize that a society is only as safe as we make it, and in the reality with COVID-19: none of us are safe until all of us are safe.

  • Based in the so-called Oklahoma City metro area, we are a group dedicated to providing FREE N95/KN95 respirators to the community.

    Masking is community care!

  • A group of people organizing for Covid safety and disability justice in Tulsa. Request free masks and rapid tests through the link in our bio!

    • Getting started

    MaskBloc distribution for Columbia, SC for Covid-Safety/Awareness and Disability Justice

    (Congaree & Cherokee Lands)

  • West Tennessee-based COVID PPE project mailing free, high-filtration masks across the Mid-South region, no questions asked. 😷 Hit the form below to get masks 👇🏾

  • Nashville queers organized against COVID eugenics. 😷🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

    Committed to resource sharing and creating space for each other. 👥

    • Getting started
    • Clean Air Club

    Brand new clean air club/mask bloc. Free palestine!

  • Mask Bloc DFW. is a mutual aid group providing free masks, political education, and disability justice advocacy. Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas

  • COVID prevention activist & mutual aid group that gives out masks for free in communities. Austin, Texas. In partnership with @covidsaferatx on Instagram.

    • Getting started

    Mutual aid cooperative in so-called Houston. 😷😷😷 K*LL THE COLONIZER IN YOUR HEAD!

  • Building community, sharing educational resources, advocating for masking, clean air, & accessibility for all.


    • Getting started

    Free hi-fi masks for all “El Paso.” Outreach, info, and community care | Máscarillas gratis y apoyo mutuo para todo “El Paso.”

  • QTBIPOC-led COVID safety + disability justice project on monacan/manahoac land serving the people of Cville + surrounding counties

  • DM us on Instagram or email us below to request free masks!

    Feel free to also hit us up with your questions on covid info and safety precautions

  • 📍Hampton Roads, Southeast Virginia

    Email us for free high-filtration masks to protect yourself and your community against COVID, measles, TB, etc!😷

    • Clean Air Club

    Education and supplies to breathe cleaner air and create a clean air community near Cville


    Request free masks, air filters, join email list in Linktree.

    • Clean Air Club
    • Getting started

    Providing the tools to create Covid safer events in Richmond, VA. Volunteer run, crowdfunded, always free.

USA – Midwest

  • Distributing free masks, Covid tests and PPE in Grinnell, Iowa.

    We keep us safe. No one left behind. 😷

  • Free KN95 distribution.

    • Clean Air Club

    Ensuring accessible and cleaner air for Chicago artists and touring musicians. Volunteer run, crowdfunded, always free.

  • We are a Black Lesbian-led org focused on the access and distribution of masks on Chicago transit lines.

  • Collective of folx in Fort Wayne, Indiana organizing to fight covid eugenics with mutual aid, education, and direct action.

  • Making quality masks accessible to the Greater Indy population! | email/DM on Instagram to request masks! | Donate $indymaskbloc

  • Working to build solidarity during an ongoing pandemic

    Greater KC Metro

  • Community organization providing free N95 masks, COVID tests, and clean air resources in the Wichita area

    • COVID Safe Campus

    COVID isn't over. Public health as community care


    @covidsafecampus ambassador

    Views own

    • Getting started

    Mask Bloc 616 is a mutual aid organization providing free high-quality masks and respirators to the Greater Grand Rapids area.

  • The purpose of this Mask Bloc is to provide high-quality, high-filtration masks to community members.

  • 🐄🐄🐄

    we keep us safe. Covid resources & help for the people of Washtenaw county.

  • An informal group of people in Minneapolis–Saint Paul organizing resources, political education, and solidarity around the ongoing pandemic. 😷

    📍 Location: Mni Sota Makoce

  • Queer Disabled mutual aid collective distributing free, high-quality masks in so-called Winona and Rochester

  • Just everyday people who care about COVID and making sure our communities stay safe from it

    Free respirators. Free COVID tests. Free community care.

  • Promoting access to HEPA-grade air purifiers to folks in the MSP area.

    📍Mni Sota Makoce

  • 📍St. Louis, Missouri

    Mask Bloc serving the STL metro area and beyond in MO.

    Check out our linktree to donate or request supplies!

    • Clean Air Club

    A little lending library for sharing tools for cleaner air, free. Lincoln NE. DM for masks, or to borrow an air purifier or FAR UV light device.

  • Antifascist disabled & trans led mask distribution & info project – mutual aid & education towards disability justice, environment justice, and community care in Ohio.

  • Promoting harm reduction, community care, and disability justice at Oberlin College. Not affiliated with ObieSafe, views own. Check out our linktree!

  • A group of neighborhood organizers and community members aiming to provide mutual aid and support to Northeast Ohio residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Disabled, queer, antifascist group organizing for disability justice and COVID mitigations through mask distro and radical community care in Northeast Ohio

  • org for disability justice practices and COVID-safer resources through mask distribution, community care, and accessible information in cincy + beyond

  • A queer, trans, and disabled-run project distributing free masks to the community in Teejop (so-called Madison, Wisconsin). We keep us safe.

  • 🏴🫂 need KN95s in MKE? email below (10 respirators per family member per request; please space out requests to every two weeks) || COVID-19 updates Friday 😷🦠


  • Moh'kínstsis (Calgary, AB)

    Mask distro & covid-safer community care 🏳️‍⚧️🏴🏳️‍🌈

    DM on Instagram to request free masks & rapid tests

    🌎💖 harm reduction saves lives 💖🌍

    • Getting started

    Volunteer-run mask distribution based in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Coming soon ♥️

  • Free KN95/N95 Mask Deliveries | E-transfer:

    Set password: masks4masks2022 | We can't answer most DM's, please email us.

  • COVID-aware mutual aid network. Masking is harm reduction; anti-fascist; community care. We believe in science & human rights. FREE MASKS REQUEST FORM in Linktree.

  • 📍Unceded Lekwungen Territories

    DM for free masks, request air purifiers for local events, actions and performances or to donate💕

    We keep us safe 😷

  • Free masks (n95, kn95 or equivalent respirators) tests & safety supplies for people of Fort Nelson & the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality #FreePalestine

  • Free N95/KN95 community mask box for Winnipeg. 💖😷

    Location: 689 Maryland Street next to the community fridge.

    • Advocacy Group

    📍 Protect our Province New Brunswick

    🧪 Research based information about Covid-19 and airborne diseases

    🔍 Citizen science initiative

    • Getting started

    Mutual aid group for pandemic action and sick solidarity! Now distributing masks and other resources in Kjipuktuk ❤️‍🔥😷😷😷❤️‍🔥

  • Local disabled queers distributing high quality masks and covid rapid tests in so-called Ottawa.

    🇵🇸 Free Palestine 🇵🇸

    • Clean Air Club

    We connect artists and organizers to tools and resources to create covid safer events. Community led, always free.

  • Outreach, mask distribution, information and community care in Toronto/Tkaronto, Ontario.

    • Getting started

    🖤 disabled tranarchist led mask distro in Onón:takon #hamont

    💐 mutual aid & education to connect & unite antifascist resistance


  • Wearing a mask is community care.

    An affiliate of @radical_carecollective

    Need a mask? Message us on Instagram, or check out our Linktree ⤵️

    • Care Collective

    We are a Niagara based disability justice collective.

    Mutual aid, community building, education.

  • Masking information and organizing in Waterloo region, Ontario.

  • We are a Tiohtià:ke / Montreal based mutual aid collective offering free masks, rapid tests, and information related to COVID. We believe that the “new normal” should be about community care and creating a world where everyone is free.

    On est un collectif d'aide mutuelle basé à Tiohtià:ke / Montréal qui offre des masques et des tests rapides gratuits, ainsi que de l'information sur la COVID. Nous pensons que le “nouveau normal” devrait être à propos de la solidarité et de la communauté, pour créer un monde où toutes sont libres.

    • COVID Safe Campus

    Community care is disability justice.

    COVID resources, community, and advocacy.

    Ambassador @covidsafecampus (views own).


    • Getting started

    Mask Bloc Sask is a small volunteer run group committed to providing access to free high quality masks.

    Currently working on serving Regina & Saskatoon located on Treaty 4 & 6 Territory.

    • Charity

    Request free N95-equivalent masks & RATs

    Buy from our charity store (100% proceeds for charity)


United Kingdom



  • Mask bloc based in Ireland rooted in disability justice. We aim to make personal protection equipment more accessible for all. We keep each other safe.


  • Anarchist antifascist mutual aid.

    We redistribute free masks from stolen Wurundjeri + Boonwurrung country.

    Mask request form below or DM us on Instagram.

  • Free or sliding scale infectious illness prevention items and info in the north of so-called Melbourne. On stolen Boon Wurrung and Woi Wurrung lands.

  • On stolen Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung land. Providing/redistributing masks and other covid prevention/care items, DM on Instagram or use the Google form to request.

    • Clean Air Club

    Preserving the arts by providing access to cleaner air supplies for artists ☁️

    Booking link coming soon. All Qs via email pls

  • Community and organising group for leftists advocating masks and clean air.

    Based in South Australia/Kaurna Land

  • We are a grassroots mask bloc striving to make community spaces safer for all people by distributing COVID safety resources and relevant information!

  • 🦠COVID direct action group in nipaluna (Hobart)

    😷Resisting eugenics ♿️🖤💛❤️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🇵🇸

    📧Email or DM us to join or ask questions!

    ⬇️Mask request form below⬇️

  • Covid conscious. 🦠😷🌬️

    Dedicated to community care & spreading knowledge and resources in “Perth”, Australia.


New Zealand


  • Colectivo de ayuda mutua dedicado a compartir y distribuir EEPs, insumos médicos, equipos de monitoreo y recursos sobre cuidados comunitarios.